When I Fall Series

Title : {JinHaeXy} When I Fall

Author : donghae’s wife or pacardonghae

Rating : Parental Guidance 13 and will get higher

Length : Chaptered

Main cast :

  • Lee Haejin
  • Lee Donghae

Supporting Cast :

  • Lee Kyorin
  • Cho Chihoon
  • Super Junior Members
  • JYP Nation Members
  • SMTOWN Members

Summary :

Haejin is a member of a JYP Girlgroup called Fleur De La Supergirl or Felidis, she was an exgirlfriend of 2PM Ok Taecyeon, and still in love with him, but later she found that her Sunbae in entertainment industry, was in love with her, and slow but sure, Haejin found the true in him.

Haejin’s POV

Donghae’s POV


14 thoughts on “When I Fall Series

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  2. annyoeng reena imnida….q reader bru dblog mu chingu~a wah SKS q bcax sistem kebut semalem coz very good really I felt is real couple….
    …dtunggu next partx ya……

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  4. tadinya sempet bingung gimana awalnya donghae jadian sama haejin
    iseng2 ubrek2 nih blog nemu juga
    si author bener2 baik, mau ngasih kemudahan buat readersnya ^^

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  6. lanjutkan donk nishaaa,, ini bagus bangettt!!! sampe aku rasa ini asli ceritanya.,,, #plakkk
    #hidupdonghaejin.,, #hidupskinship.,, #hidupcouplemot #hidupdouikan #hiduphaemesum #ehhh

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